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Take a peek in the garden:

“JUST Like Me is an inclusive VBS curriculum that will help kids celebrate their identity as God’s beloved creations just as they are! Through scripted lessons and extension activities, students will practice sharing, asking questions, using their voice, finding community, and speaking up for others.”

Nick Mundwiller

Managing Editor

How did this VBS come into being?

JUST Like Me was created through an intentional development and writing process that included as many diverse voices as possible. Development and writing team members from across the country gathered their skills and expertise to create a biblically based and theologically informed curriculum.

What makes this VBS unique?

  • Biblical stories to engage a child’s faith development in connection to their own realities and context.
  • Beautiful, engaging, and diverse music to further the themes and lessons of the week in a way that makes you want to turn up the music in your car!
  • Youth and Adult Tracks to encourage your whole community to interact with the conversation of intersectional justice in age appropriate ways.
  • Training videos to equip your team of volunteers to feel empowered and prepared to lead. 
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Everyone has a song to sing and a gift to bring! This is especially true in our community garden. Each member of the Garden Group is unique, and we need each of their gifts to make our garden thrive. Just like the characters in the Bible stories we learn each day, our gardeners know that the things that make them different are also the things that make them special!

Come and join us in the garden as we celebrate who we are, learn how to use our voice, and share our gifts with our community! Each day we’ll meet a new member of our Garden Group who will share their special gift and invite us into a new Bible lesson and skill. Visiting gardeners (students) will get to explore the stories of a variety of First and Second Testament characters through the eyes of our gardeners in order to understand that these amazing characters in the Bible are just like us! 

Throughout the week, gardeners will be encouraged to wonder, shout, share, build community, and speak up for others. Daily themes will be explored through storytelling, structured play, crafts, and music. Gardeners will get to practice building community each day through snack and optional service components. Adult and Youth resources allow people of all ages to join in the fun and discover that community works best when “you’re just like you and I’m just like me!”

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What’s included?

  • Storytelling/Scripted Bible lessons (K-1, 2-3, 4-5)
  • Create/Craft Station 
  • Play/Recreation Station
  • Daily Snack Ritual
  • Music recordings and chord sheets 
  • Opening and Closing daily scripts
  • Youth Track curriculum
  • Adult Track curriculum
  • Décor suggestions
  • Volunteer Training and Vocabulary Videos
  • Facilitation Guides
  • Worship décor
  • Media kit
  • Resource Suggestions
Optional extensions (included in full package)
  • Service/mission component
  • Music station suggestion
  • Science station suggestion
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Youth Track

Not just for kids anymore! The JUST Like Me Youth Track expands the fun to tweens and teens and can be used as Sunday School lessons, small group materials, or can be combined into a JUST Like Me Lock-in!

Utilizing daily scripture and age-appropriate themes from the VBS curriculum, our youth lessons offer students and leaders a variety of avenues for engagement through an opening game or activity, biblical exegesis and discussion, exploration of real-life application through Vital Vocabulary Lessons, and opportunities for connection and reflection throughout.

Leader Guides and training videos give you everything you need to help students engage deeply with the biblical text and grow their faith through thoughtful social engagement.

Lesson Themes: Agency, Generosity, Community, Solidarity, Advocacy

Vital Vocabulary: Neurodiversity, Ableism, Food Insecurity, Chosen Family, Intersectionality

*The Youth Track is included in the JUST Like Me VBS package or can be purchased individually for $50.

Adult Track

Have adults that want to join in the fun? The JUST Like Me Adult Track curriculum combines the engagement of VBS-inspired games and activities with opportunities for deep engagement with the theological underpinnings of the JUST Like Me curriculum.

Perfect for small groups or special studies, each lesson contains up to two hours of content so congregations, classes, and small groups can choose conversations and activities that are appropriate for their time and audience.  Whether you’re excited to try games and crafts to aid Biblical Study, an opportunity for deep sharing and community building, or an invitation to engage theologically with the pressing social issues of the day, this study has options to help your community dig deep and grow their faith.

Lesson Themes: Agency, Generosity, Community, Solidarity, Advocacy

*The Adult Track is included in the JUST Like ME VBS Package or can be purchased individually for $50.

Intersectional Justice Focus

Our differences make us beautiful – not better or worse than anyone else! JUST Like Me teaches adults, youth, and children about how the intersections of our identities help us to understand and move through the world in different ways. It grounds the subject in biblical stories, lived experiences, and a theology of compassion.

Multigenerational Component

Vacation Bible School isn’t just for kids anymore! When you purchase the JUST Like Me curriculum package, it includes the Youth and Adult tracks for your whole community to engage with these stories and topics. These tracks can be used with Sunday Schools, Small Groups, Youth time, or to plan a JUST Like Me Retreat!

Many Formats Available

We know that summers are busy, so we’ve created this curriculum with your schedule in mind! The JUST Like Me facilitator’s guide includes support for planning a traditional 5-day VBS, shortened evening sessions, or a weekend VBS. We provide different investment options for many of our activities as well to make it work for your community and budget!


The VBS full package comes with six original songs and select hymns to enhance your learning. Check out these samples of the music to get a feel of what you will experience during JUST Like Me!

JUST like Me

I Have Something To Say

All My People

Check out these curriculum samples to get a feel for the JUST Like Me Curriculum.

Please note: These are samples! Do not copy or reproduce. 

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Day 1

  • Bible Story: Jesus Appears to Thomas (John 20: 24-29)
  • Daily Theme: “I Wonder”
  • Garden Guide: Amani is adventurous and curious. She loves to investigate answers to all of her biggest questions.
  • Learning Focus: Gardeners will practice asking questions.

Day 2

  • Bible Story: Bartimaeus Receives His Sight (Mark 10: 46-52)
  • Daily Theme:I Have Something to Shout About”
  • Garden Guide: Mateo is thoughtful and kind. He always tries his best to use his voice to ask for what he needs.
  • Learning Focus: Gardeners will practice speaking up.

Day 3

  • Bible Story: Jesus Feeds 5,000 (John 6:1-15)
  • Daily Theme:I have Something to Share”
  • Garden Guide: Kay is optimistic and generous. Whenever they are able, Kay likes to volunteer in their community.
  • Learning Focus: Gardeners will practice giving to others.

Day 4

  • Bible Story: The Widow’s Oil (2 Kings 4:1-7)
  • Daily Theme: I Need My People
  • Garden Guide: Kofi is empathetic and compassionate. He likes to help his neighbors out with their yard work.
  • Learning Focus: Gardeners will practice finding and building community.

Day 5

  • Bible Story: Naaman is Healed of Leprosy (2 Kings 5:1-14)
  • Daily Theme: “I Have Something to Say”
  • Garden Guide: Maya is passionate and confident. When she hears about a difficult situation, Maya comes up with creative ways to help. 
  • Learning Focus: Gardeners will practice using their prophetic voice.

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This Curriculum is designed by Reconciling Ministries Network with support from funding partners:
General Board Church and Society, General Commission Of Race and Religion, First Church UMC of Eugene, Oregon

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